Frog4OS off-the-cuff intro

Below is a whistle-stop tour screencast of Frog4. It has lots of fantastic features which bring Frog inline with the modern web. Mostly there are two significant points to note:

  1. It is device independent (although this version didn’t perform on mobile or iPad Mini or iPad in portrait, but that is a temporary issue);
  2. You do not have to learn a lot to be fully Frog functional as a teacher.

Forgive the unplanned nature of the screencast but it hopefully gives any interested viewer a decent overview of what the new Frog offers.

The big deal is going to come when the MIS sync tool is released which is planned for later in the year (exact date TBC). Until then we will not see how well Frog3 and Frog4 sit alongside each other. The idea is schools will adopt F4 and create pages that embed F3 content into them, necessary because there are many F3 features that are not yet coded for F4.

Frog4OS off-the-cuff intro

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