Frog iOS App –> for the Win

A company called PixelBit builds apps for schools using Frog.

They sent out a half price offer for their smartphone app solution which includes android as well as iOS, and mobile web friendly access to make sure any device can use the handheld functionality that might well prove a game changer for Frog because it’s strengths are in communications – pushing the right data to the right person at their convenience. They are developing refinements to the app all the time, and unlike a lot of other development companies, they use the app for their day jobs. In my mind this means they are designers and users which always helps to make a good product.

First up is a set of iPhone screenshots I took.

After that is the video from their website.

I can’t shake the feeling that if we spent circa £1500.00 on an app for our Frog launch in September, we would be backing a winner. I hope our management agree to release the funds.

Here is a post by Steve Margetts, Dep Head at DHSB, explaining the impact of their Frog app.

Frog iOS App –> for the Win